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How would you like to throw a big dinner for your friends and family without having to spend a penny, set up, or clean up? All you need to do is cook... and we will provide a great facility for you to do that in.


If you would like to get in on this fun, here are the details.


  • invite as many friends as you want. Plan for approximately 40 more people to attend the dinner. These will be other people from our community who want to join in the dinner. So, for example, if you expect 40 friends, you need to plan on cooking enough for 80 people.


  • you can cook almost anything you wish, so long as it is not prohibitively expensive. Your menu should include a small percentage of vegetarian options. Gluten-free would be great as well.


  • send us the list of ingredients you need. We have a lot of food on hand. We will go through the list and decide what needs to be purchased. We'll cover all food costs.


  • we will take care of the set up and clean up of the facility. You are welcome to help with any of this, but that is optional. All you really need to do is cook.


  • Alcohol is not permitted.


  • Everyone who attends the dinner will be encouraged to donate something towards the cost, but this is optional as well. A contribution of $5 per person would be great. If anyone feels to donate more, that's wonderful. If money is tight, the dinner is gladly available for free.


  • The cooking facility can be made available to start cooking anytime on Thursday of a given week. Dinner is served at 5 PM on that Friday. 


  • There is a sign up sheet here.  You can sign up at least six months in advance.


  • Send any questions here or call Richard Miller at 802-238-5355.


This is a unique opportunity to throw a dinner party for friends and family. It doesn't matter if you are in your 20s or your 60s. Heck, we have kids still in high school that have hosted this event. You just have to enjoy cooking for friends.

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