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How can I help?

The FFA@5 is facilitated by a small group of over-extended, but enthusiastic volunteers. Each week, one of us takes “point” to coordinate a team for that Friday’s meal, from setup to lights out.


How can you help?


There are different levels of involvement, so pick what works for you. We have a web-based sign up form here. Or, you can contact a human at this email address:


*special note* Specifically now, we need 4 or more additional members of the organizing committee.


Option 1:

Jump in with both feet and join our organizing committee, which means:


  • finding groups or individuals to cover specific Friday's

  • become a point person

  • take responsibility for a Friday night dinner

  • solicit donations, etc.


Option 2:

Organize a group to take responsibility for a Friday night dinner. Perhaps a Girl Scout troop, Boy Scout troop, youth group, The Grange, high school group wanting to do community service, a neighborhood, or you and your best friends. The possibilities are endless. Any money you spend to buy food for the event will be reimbursed.


Option 3: Become a part of a specific evening crew. You may prepare a dish, help cook/prep, serve, bus tables, set up, break down, or clean up at the end of the night.


Option 4: Add your name to our call list as a body who might be available to round out a crew from time to time.


Above all, join us for dinner and bring a friend. There is truly something for everybody!!

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